Mario’s Barber Shop in Manahawkin

Mario’s Barber Shop

568 East Bay Ave,

Manahawkin, NJ 08050

Walk in Hours Everyday  8:30 to 11 am



                              609 492 4900Manahawkin on Facebook


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In 1967 Mario’s barber shop opened its doors for the first time and it quickly became a favorite for locals and visitors alike for its quality haircuts ..

After 45 years on Long Beach Island the barbershop was destroyed by Hurricane sandy ..

After scrambling around trying to find a new location  we ended up in Manahawkin ready to start a new chapter..

So Give Us a Call today at 609 492 4900

Learning the history of barber shops was interesting. I did not realize that the early barbers were also dentists and surgeons and that the pole represented bloody rags. I guess in the early days, they were a jack of all trades in addition to serving as confidants and clergy. Barbers and hairdressers could probably all write books from the stories they probably hear on a daily basis. Ha! Votes up and sharing. Good job on your book review, Mary!

An Article …

THE profession of barbering is one of the oldest in the world. Archeological studies indicate that some crude forms of facial and hair adornment were practiced among prehistoric people in the glacial age.

There are in existence many relics, such as combs, cosmetics and razors, the latter made of tempered copper and bronze, which came from the tombs of Egypt. These relics, as well as many written records, reveal that the nobility and priesthood had already become regular patrons for the barbers’ services 6000 years ago,

In those ancient days the barbers’ art included shaving, haircutting, beard trimming, hair coloring and facial makeup. Read More

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